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Sanford School is a creative and inclusive preschool–12 community that encourages students to embrace their individuality,
tap into their talents, stretch their skills and broaden their ambitions. Learn more at Sanford School.

Nov 15, 2019

Laura Giardina, Sanford’s Home & School Association president, shares her thoughts about how parental involvement in schools yields rewards for parents and schools, strategies that can help working parents get involved, and how private schools build strong communities.

Episode Guide (21:55)
2:10 - How did you get involved in Sanford? 
3:20 - What benefits do you derive from doing all of the things that you do for the school?
4:08 - How does your involvement impact our community and the lives of students?
6:57 - Are there opportunities for working parents to get involved in their school communities?
8:58 - How have you seen Sanford try to build community?
10:43 - What are some ways that private schools get new families involved in the community?
13:06 - Are there ways that reach out to other organizations and school communities?
13:20 - What are some of the things we’re hoping to with the culture of philanthropy in the future? 
16:26 - What is it about Sanford that makes it worthy of consideration when families are looking for schools?