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Mar 2, 2020

Members of the Sanford School technology team share recommendations, strategies, and resources to help parents protect their children when they’re using the Internet, apps, and electronic devices.

Episode Guide (26:52)

1:35 - Do you think parents should be in touch with what their kids are doing online?
4:45 - What strategies do you suggest for staying in touch and in tune with what kids are doing?
6:46 - What steps can parents take to try to create the safest environment possible?
10:10 - Are you aware of any other resources to help protect children’s online privacy?
11:47 - Can you define ransomware?
12:36 - What are your thoughts about children having cell phones and mobile devices?
16:00 - What are some things that schools can do to offer a higher level of protection for students?
22:43 - Electronic device or book—which do you recommend?
24:30 - What other resources or guidelines would you suggest for people who want to learn more?