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May 2, 2019

Sanford School faculty members Sandy Sutty, Emily Amendum, and Cecilie Coker talk about how school libraries and librarians encourage and inspire 21st-century student learning, why libraries are important, and how libraries can play an expanded role in serving school communities.

Episode Guide (22:05)

3:57 - What are your thoughts about the absence of a library in a school?
5:52 - Why do we have multiple libraries to serve our school?
7:14 - How are each of our libraries physically set up?
10:58 - Can non-traditional libraries, such as our Upper School digital library, prepare students for college and careers?
12:29 - How can librarians support personalized learning for students?
15:14 - Do we still use password-protected databases?
16:47 - How can Sanford’s libraries serve the school community?
18:34 - How can librarians and curricula support the teaching of digital literacy?
20:22 - Does anyone have any final thoughts?