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Sanford School is a creative and inclusive preschool–12 community that encourages students to embrace their individuality,
tap into their talents, stretch their skills and broaden their ambitions. Learn more at Sanford School.

Oct 9, 2020

The Sanford admission team discusses how to navigate private school admissions during the Coronavirus pandemic. Listen to their tips, suggestions, and guidance on how to choose the right school for you and your family in 2020. 

To hear more about Sanford’s admission process, register for our division-specific informational webinars hosted by our admission team on our blog, Education Matters:

Episode Guide (14:07)

0:40 - Where does one start when looking for a new learning environment for my child?

1:45 - What are the first steps to take the admissions process started this year?

3:00 - What are some things to look for when touring a school in person?

4:29 - How can one get a feel for a school’s culture, in-person or virtually?

5:39 - What are good questions to ask when connecting with an admission representative?

8:42 - After touring a school and connecting with the admissions office, what are the next steps?

11:30 - If I receive multiple acceptances, how should I go about finalizing my decision?

13:03 - How can I get more information about Sanford?