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Apr 15, 2019

Sanford School faculty members Ensign Simmons, Maria Tate, and Patrick Martin discuss how woodworking helps students develop problem-solving and other valuable skills, why woodworking is in sync with a college-prep program, and where woodworking opportunities exist outside of school settings.

Episode Guide - (22:15)
2:08 - How does woodworking sync with a college-prep program
5:21 - What are some of the skills students develop in woodworking courses?
6:44 - What kind of professional development did our teachers receive?
8:41 - Do you think STEAM is driving force behind woodworking’s popularity?
11:08 - What are some of your most fun or memorable experiences?
15:03 - What are kids saying about woodworking?
16:45 - What woodworking opportunities exist outside of school settings?
19:37 - What advice do you have for people who say they would never consider taking a woodworking class?