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Sanford School is a creative and inclusive preschool–12 community that encourages students to embrace their individuality,
tap into their talents, stretch their skills and broaden their ambitions. Learn more at Sanford School.

Oct 31, 2019

Sanford School’s Associate Head of School for Advancement, Jaime Morgan, talks about affordability in private schools. Learn about options, strategies, and programs that can help make a private school education an affordable choice for families.

Episode Guide (19:28)

1:45 - What is about the value of Sanford that makes paying tuition something that families should consider?
3:43 - What is the greatest misconception that families have about the cost of private school tuition?
4:43 - What do terms such as tuition assistance, financial aid, and merit aid mean?
6:00 - What admission and financial aid advice do you have for families that are considering private schools?
7:01 - Do you have examples of success stories in which families who thought they wouldn’t qualify for aid were eligible for assistance and ultimately enrolled?
8:31 - Does Sanford look for any particular types of students or families when building student populations each year?
11:20 - How has Sanford changed and stayed the same during the past 20 years?
13:20 - What are some of the things we’re hoping to with the culture of philanthropy in the future?
16:26- What is it about Sanford that makes it worthy of consideration when families are looking for schools?