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Apr 4, 2019

Sanford School faculty members Clint Williams and Jenna Knaster talk about the part that performing arts plays in education. Learn about the role of music education from preschool to high school, why the arts are important, and strategies that you can use to bring music into your children’s lives.

Episode Guide (23:27)
2:46 - Why is music education important for children?
5:31 - What are some of the academic benefits associated with studying music?
6:41 - How did Sanford’s most recent theatrical production unfold and affect the school community?
11:21 - How does music education for 3 to 5-year-old children lay the foundation for the later years?
15:09 - What can parents do to make music a part of their children’s lives?
17:40 - What should high-school students do if they’re interested in pursuing the arts in college?
20:30 - What’s on the horizon for the Sanford School performing arts program?